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The 2.30am Juice Cup Drama

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MandyD Fri 03-May-02 22:09:34

For the past 2 nights my 3 year old son has woken up at 2.30 screaming, seemingly like an episode of night terrors. It's based around wanting his juice cup (which, incidentally, is always kept in the same place at the top of his bed). He screams over and over "want juice cup, want juice cup" although he won't get it himself. When I get it for him he pushes it away and screams even louder. The only thing that will settle him is coming into my bed, cup or no cup.

The only thing different these past 2 nights is that I've put him in cheap supermarket nappies to sleep rather than his usual pull-ups. I can't see that this would be the cause, does anyone have any ideas?

Paula1 Sat 04-May-02 18:00:45

Somewhere on one of these boards, someone has mentioned episodes similar to this that were caused by threadworms. Could it be this?

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