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6mo crying every night but not fully waking

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weeblueberry Wed 21-Oct-15 03:54:56

For all my 6mos wakes (normally 1030pm, 3am sometimes other random times) she cries out and writhes around but never fully wakes. She's normally found up on all fours, rocking back and forth and often has bumped her head off the cot.

I've been nursing her back to sleep, which generally works, but I'm wondering if it's happened to anyone else and they know what the cause is? I assumed it was just that her brain is going through the crawling developmental phase and is waking her but she's virtually crawling in the day now so I'd have hoped she'd have stopped 'thinking about it all night' as it were. She's not waking up due to hunger/habit so I can't offer her water. And just picking her up to soothe doesn't work either because she's not properly awake so doesn't seem able to be calmed.

Any suggestions?

FATEdestiny Wed 21-Oct-15 22:43:37

Could you try placing your hand on her back/chest and shushing? Just a reassuring presence may help, rather than needing to feed her.

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