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Please need some advise!

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Karlamw Mon 31-Aug-15 07:54:37


I am new on mumsnet, I have a11 month old baby girl that recently had stopped eating as much ,not having much milk either and waking up 4.30am.sad

It all started few weeks back, she started to cut her milk down going from 16 ounces to 6/8 ounces a day, I tried to offered the milk at her normal times but she can take an ounce or half, she does look desperate for it but she end up chewing it and not drinking it.

Then she started getting fussy with her meals, not eating as usual. She has always been a good eater but now if she doesn't eat A lot, if she doesn't eat half of the amount I give her for lunch/dinner I make sure she had yogurt and plenty of water ( as she doesn't drink much milk)

I know this thread is for sleeping but I thought to give a whole idea of what is happening! As she doesn't drink a lot of milk she can have 2 ounces at bedtime around 7.30/8pm and she can sleep for hour and half or two then she wakes up for a cuddle we put her on her cot and she wakes up 2-3 am which I tried to give her milk, sometimes she drinks it sometimes she doesn't. If we are lucky she sleeps until 4.30/5.30 am I know is a mistake but we bring it to our bed to see if maybe she wants to sleep more but nothing, she get very active jumping and trying to wake us up. I take it downstairs to watch tv but I don't think this is the answer. I am feeling depressed, I feel I cannot control this situation don't know what to do. I just think is to early to be up! I am so tired.

(She naps from 8.30/9am for and hour or hour and half then another nap at 2pm for up to two hour but can be less.)

I will appreciate some advise as I am really desperate!

FATEdestiny Mon 31-Aug-15 13:06:15

If she is not eating well and also not drinking well you should seek some professional advise from your health visitor or doctor. This will almost certainly be the cause of poor sleep.

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