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The Rabbit who Wants to Fall Asleep Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin

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Jayneguest Sat 15-Aug-15 11:14:42

Has anyone seen this book? It looks really interesting. My boys are now over the days of sleeping badly and it's tough to get them out of bed!! but if you have your little ones and struggle to get them to sleep then you may find it interesting. It is supposed to help them to fall right to sleep easily!

FATEdestiny Sat 15-Aug-15 20:25:05

I read the article in the Daily Mail about this book.

Basically I just think it is one of those relaxation tapes, but in book form. About your body feeling heavy, feeling like you are falling /floating. Eyelids heavy and so on. Methodical, calm, soothing language.

Good idea that it has been put in childrens book form though.

Jayneguest Sun 16-Aug-15 14:42:58

Yes I think it is hypnosis really. Seems like a hypnosis script for children but then should anyone be able to read that? Is that safe I wonder?

Zeitgeistic Sun 16-Aug-15 14:51:47

Gosh of course it's safe! It's not like having Paul McKenna standing over them commanding them to 'sleep now'. It's simply a way to help some children relax before bed. I doubt it works in every case but I'm going to give it a try for curiosity sake if nothing else.

Jayneguest Sun 16-Aug-15 14:59:40

I've just been googling it to see and seems like it is hypnosis after all... like you say sounds safe though and actually that review says you can do it without the book anyway. I'm off to take mine to the park now. I know for certain that taking them there will help them sleep!!! lol

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