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Sleepyhead advise

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Izzy82 Sat 27-Jun-15 23:57:38

hi there. I have been using a sleepyhead with my little one since he was 5 months (he is now 10 months) and have found it brilliant
However, now that the weather has turned hot, my baby is dripping with sweat when I take him out in the morning. he doesn't sleep in much clothing at all.
What I'm asking is... Is it time to ditch the sleepyhead? Has anyone ever stopped using one who was relying on it for sleep? Of so, should we go cold turkey?
many thanks

18yearsoftrying Sun 28-Jun-15 19:57:58

Hi OP,

I have a slightly younger child & have the reverse situation but thought I'd send it your way.

She wouldn't sleep unless wedged in somehow and before I knew of the Sleepyhead I used rolled up towels on the advice of the HV. I'm sorry, I have no experience of children your age at bedtime but would your little one be settled like this? I don't sven mnow if its safe at that age blush

How about using a sleepingbag/grobag?

If sleeping in the day could you get your baby used to the cot without the Sleepyhead then just don't reinteoduce it at night time?

Izzy82 Sun 28-Jun-15 23:15:42

Thank you for the advice. I will try and wean him off the sleepyhead in the day. the cover needs a good wash tomorrow as it was really sweaty last night so it's a good opportunity to try. (If he doesn't sleep, we'll be going on some pretty long walks in the push chair

Tiggertum Wed 01-Jul-15 14:28:24


I got rid of the sleepyhead when my DC was just over 5 months, as he seemed to be getting hot ( and I thought it might be a problem in summer). He went in a sleep bag to help him feel secure but we just went cold turkey.

We had a couple of unsettled nights, then a couple where he was still a bit unsettled and then he went back to normal ( although tbh probably not as completely settled as with the sleepyhead but I suspect that is more just an age/development thing).

He then rolled and started sleeping on his tummy!

So I'd just go for it - I know the thought I unsettled nights is grim but it is always over quicker than you think.

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