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Dreamfeed help please

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fredandme123 Fri 15-May-15 15:43:10

Originally posted in feeding but think as overnight sleep may be more appropriate...

I would really like some advice with feeding my baby overnight. He is 14 weeks old and FF. He eats between 1000-1200ml between 7am and 7pm and is over 7kg.

He wakes through the night from a bedtime at 7.30 multiple times and in general we soothe with a dummy or a cuddle or if it's after 6am bringing him into our bed. He usually has only one bottle in the night. I have established that if I feed at 3,5 and 7pm he will go till 5am but is not remotely interested in breakfast at 7/8 or even 9 am. I am only offering half of a feed ( 4oz instead of 8oz at 5am and sometimes he doesn't finish it ) If I skip the 5pm feed which he is completely fine about then he will wake at 2.30 for a feed and then sometimes again at 5.30. My only issue with this is I find it impossible to get back to sleep at 3am and he is so unsettled from then until we get up that if I do get back to sleep I am woken every 40mins with whinging for dummy or crying (for seemingly no reason) I know he can self soothe as he goes to bed at 7.30 awake and down for lunchtime nap awake- he usually needs help for morning and afternoon help and I'll cuddle him to sleep.

I am trying to follow GF as have established that he loves routine and this has helped enormously with naps. The only bit I don't follow is feeding baby at 10.30 pm. We did try this for 2 weeks when he was about 7/8 weeks and it was a bit of a failure - he either wouldn't eat well or would wake at the same time anyway so it became an extra feed.

I might be a bit daft I am hoping to try a feed at 10.30 pm again as this on top of 3/5/7pm should (technically) see him though to 7am based on his usual length of sleep at night between feeding and will hopefully mean he wants to eat his breakfast. I know he likes to know what is coming when and this makes him 100x happier in the day so feel like I need to help him crack overnight feeding and he will be a happier baby.

Anyone had a similar story and any success? Thanks in advance x

FATEdestiny Fri 15-May-15 16:20:43

At that age I used to feed every 2 to 2 1/2 hours through the daytime and then a dreamfeed when I went to bed.

A typical day would see feeds at 7.00am, 9.00am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 4.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm, 11.00pm.

I followed the EASY routine.

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