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cc with 1 year old

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nameschanger Thu 14-May-15 17:07:15

Any success stories on getting a 1 year old to self settle. My DD still nurses to sleep all daytime naps if at home and main sleep too. She's never slept more than 3 hours without waking and I nurse back. How do I get her to sleep without nursing?? I keep being told to stop night feeds but how?? Once she wakes she's up for hours unless I nurse her back. I am lost with incomplete advice and sleep deprivation. I've literally not slept longer than 2 hours at a time in a year.


offside Thu 14-May-15 17:45:23

Have you got a DP who can help out?

We were gon through the same thing with our DD and decided to tackle the night time feed first. My DP took time off work and dealt with all night time wakings, within a few days our DD understood that if she woke up she wasn't going to get nursed so decided it wasn't worth waking up.

Our DD was 6-7 months when we did this though and we had a couple of hiccups but these only lasted a couple of nights at most. I have now, at 9 months old, completely weaned her from breast and she takes all her naps in her cot or she will now crawl over to one of us, snuggle up and fall asleep, which was completely unheard of when I was BF!

nameschanger Thu 14-May-15 18:41:05

As, that's a lovely situation! Yes, I do have a dp and when he goes to her she can sometimes go down quite well and this is where she will give us a good 3 hours, but sometimes she is inconsolable, until I turn up and take over. I usually wait half an hour before going in to give him a chance. We can't afford for him to take time off work atm.

So did you nurse her to sleep first but refuse nursing at any night wake ups. Did you just cuddle back to sleep after? X

nameschanger Thu 14-May-15 18:41:30

I think part of the issue is that I only know how to nurse back to sleep!

Misty9 Thu 14-May-15 18:48:34

My dd is just one and we did a bit of controlled crying when she was 8 months or so and waking every 40 minutes during the evenings... i use it at bedtime when appropriate (so, not teething, ill or like now when I've just gone back to work) But can't really do it during the nights as ds wakes very easily. So i tend to feed but also don't know how else to - quietly - resettle her.

Recently I have had some success with lying her back down and rubbing her back, but I think she has to be sleepy for this as she has lungs and knows how to use them! Sorry, that's not actually very helpful, but I feel your pain!

offside Thu 14-May-15 19:01:36

It is lovely! We never thought she'd do it!

No I completely stopped feeding to sleep at bedtime, I wanted to disassociate being fed to sleep for night time. I would feed her about an hour before wwe thought she would be ready for bed and then my DP would take her up as soon as she showed any signs (rubbing eyes, heavy blinks, yawning etc) so she went in her cot awake but ready to sleep.

She did put up a good fight at first but we knew it was more out of habit than need so didn't give in.

It's a shame your DP can't take any time, your DD probably needs to completely disassociate you from bedtime for tye first few nights to a week for it to take effect.

To be honest, all we knew how to do was feed to sleep. But after my DP spending the best part of 6 months on the sofa because co-sleeping was the only we got any sleep, we decided we needed to break the habit.

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