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Bellyrub1980 Mon 24-Nov-14 13:56:28

What are the 'rules' around sheepskins? Are they safe from a SIDS point of view?

Did your baby benefit from sleeping on one? (I've heard they're good to help baby settle)

workingtitle Mon 24-Nov-14 15:46:14

We use on in DS's travel cot, which gets used a few nights every month. We might have used it in his main cot but bought a mattress that has a thick topper. In the travel cot we use it under his sheet. It's a 'baby' one, but not sure if they're different from others? He sleeps very well on it and we always take it away with us.

This was from 2001 but suggests they're safe. This is also old and suggests as long as the baby is sleeping on their back then it's fine. says not to use them, but doesn't cite evidence

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