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1 year old waking more and more in the night

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Kolakubism Fri 14-Nov-14 12:38:19

Hi all, hopefully someone else has been through this and can HELP?!?!

My 1 year old (just turned one this week) DD is starting to wake in the night. She was previously a very good sleeper in the night - 7pm to 6:30/7am.
She now gets about an hour and half in the day at 12:30 til 2. And is perfectly happy in the day with this.

She's nice and tired for bed after her bath and milk (bottle fed) and a settle and will go down absolutely fine herself in her cot. I literally just put her down and whether she's nodding off or not we don't get another peep out of her, she just settles herself at 7pm.

We used to have a few wake-ups in the night but this was always because she'd lost her dummy and it was out of reach (if it was in reach she'd just pop it back in and go back to sleep herself).

BUT recently she's been waking in the night and not settling back down even with her dummy. She will cry and cry, whether I am in the room with her or not. She just wants to be picked up. If I stand and cuddle her she will settle a bit, then when I try to put her back down in her cot, before she's even touched the mattress she'll start crying again.

As both me and DH work full time our only solution at the time is to bring her in to bed with us so we can get a bit of sleep.

I'm very close to "cry it out" but I'm scared she'll hate me and be terribly upset and it won't help. Or she'll start associating bed with upset and won't go down at 7pm. She just wants me. Even if DH goes to her and takes her downstairs for a cuddle on the couch she just cries until I go to her. sad

We can't keep having her in our bed. its too small for the 3 of us and she just wriggles and kicks you or when she's awake she likes poking you in the face or playing with your hair haha.

I just want her to be able to settle herself. Its like she wakes up and now she's a bit older and more aware of things, she realises she's on her own and kicks off. Even if I stay in the room with her she just wants me to pick her up for a cuddle, then as soon as I do she's happy.


Kolakubism Fri 14-Nov-14 13:02:08

Oh, as well... she's not teething at the moment so I know its not that waking her up.
Last night she woke at about 12 midnight and was inconsolable until we brought her in to bed. she was there until about 4am while we all had some sleep, then I took her back to her own cot and she was fast asleep and ok until about 5:15 when she woke again and the same thing again... brought her into out bed and she was immediately fine and woke up happy at 7am.

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