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Please help! 8 months pregnant, exhausted and DS's sleep has gone crazy

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TooManyMochas Thu 30-Oct-14 19:52:09

Almost three year old DS's sleep seems to have massively regressed for no obvious reason. He used to be really happy about going to sleep. Now he has epic meltdowns the minute the light goes off, refuses to sleep, screams and screams and won't let DH or I leave the room. Its horrible. With naps we let it go and just get him up again, as we figure he's due to drop them anyway. But at bedtime its hideous. He's also taken to waking in the night. I'm having a horrible pregnancy and DH is at full stretch juggling work and taking DS off my hands as much as possible, so we really can't take this right now.

EEVEElution Fri 31-Oct-14 10:15:51

That sounds horrible sad I don't have any advice really as my DD is only 6 months but she has a lot of sleep issues too! Did it gradually regress or was it sudden? Anything that may have triggered it, illness etc?

TooManyMochas Sun 02-Nov-14 20:34:08

Yesterday was better, this evening was tricky again. Its kicked off in the last week. He's also suddenly turned clingy during the day (very out of character for him) so I think the fact I'm not feeling well and there's a new baby on the way is unsettling him. He doesn't seem ill at all. Hope your DD's sleep improves. DS was a horror sleeper for the first year and then things just seemed to click, so its awful to feel we're going backwards again.

soulpunk Mon 03-Nov-14 05:44:11

Sleep issues are the worst. I've just night weaned my 22 mo DS who has never slept well but I too am pregnant with DC2 (very early stages so shh!) so you have my sympathies. I suppose with your DS he's sensing the upcoming changes, maybe better now than when the baby arrives? It's bound to be a phase and he may have even sorted himself out by next month crosses fingers and toes for you how much have you prepared him for the baby? (And, out of interest what/how have you explained it? I know my almost 2yo's understanding won't be at the same level as a 3yo but I have noooo idea how to explain to him!!) I guess he just needs lots of extra daytime reassurance as his imagination may be running wild. Sorry I can't be more help!

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