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Is this my life from now on?

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CustardCream2014 Sun 23-Mar-14 02:22:52

I have a dd who is 8 weeks old and EBF. She currently goes to bed at midnight after a feed then wakes at about 2/2.30am and again at 5 for another one, then around 630/7. After each feed I have to spend ages sitting rocking her in her crib before she goes back to sleep.

I know sleepless nights are normal with babies and I love her more than anything but I'm finding the nights really horrible and starting to feel sick from tiredness. I suppose I just want to know if this is normal, will it change, and should I be doing anything differently?? Thanks...

VenusDeWillendorf Sun 23-Mar-14 02:39:29

Congratulations custard, and yes, it's hard in the first few weeks.

Sounds normal to me. What eventually did, as my exhausted eyes were hanging out on stalks, was my DH would take babe at 11pm and I would sleep until her 6am feed.
If babe woke or needed anything during the night, she would get 3oz of formula. Didn't kill her, and I could sleep a bit. He didn't change her unless she pooped.
Cluster feed in the evening from 6 pm can also work well, as babe is full for the night. basically sit with her feeding from 6 till 11. Put a film on and put your feet up.

My babe had a huge feed at 6 the morning as I made milk in the night if i slept. I napped very rarely in the day, as I was wound up about her waking up, (she had wind! A lot!) so I suggest doing some relaxation exercises, should you feel the same way.

Make sure you get out everyday for a walk also. It will do you good.

Also make sure you're not anaemic.
Good luck! And congrats again!

Freckletoes Sun 23-Mar-14 02:47:33

Yes it's normal, yes it will change! Until you experience it you cannot comprehend the feeling of constant sleep deprivation. Nap when you can during the day to help your body out. Let the housework slide, forget the social life. At the moment you are a fantastic milk bar so plug your ears to the tales of people who had babies sleeping through from 2 weeks and were back at work 48hrs after giving birth..... As your little girl begins to spend more time interacting during the day and becomes more efficient at taking milk things will settle down-but be aware that often babies like to suck for comfort so you are her dummy! But make the most of it-there will come a point somewhere down the line when you decide to wean her and you won't want to loose that closeness and affection of your baby snuggling on your boob!

Also consider bed sharing-not sure what the current opinion is on this as my last baby just turned 10! It was encouraged with my first but then not so trendy by my third child, but I found it helped so much with the night feeds-you get very adept at just shoving a boob in the baby's mouth and they happily suckle then drift off to sleep.

Good luck and keep at it! It does get easier!

Estrellita Sun 23-Mar-14 03:22:17

Definitely consider safe co sleeping if that's an option for you, feeding lying down takes a little practice to master but for me it was a lifesaver. I wouldn't have been able to ebf otherwise if I was getting up and down all night. Great for resting in the daytime too. If that's not something you want to do then maybe get your partner to settle / rock after feeds, or give a bottle. Good luck, hope you can find something that works and get a little more rest.

Chocolateteabag Mon 24-Mar-14 07:27:04

It will get easier!

Your Dd will sleep for longer and then she won't, but then she will again. She'll wake because she's ill or teething, but she'll sleep too.

I know you feel dreadful now, but you do start getting used to it.

(Ds1 is 3.3 and currently having 3-4am nightmares, ds2 is 13 weeks and refused to sleep in his bed last night so came in with us)

Only thing I would suggest is to start a clear bedtime routine - bath/feed/song/bed - later becomes a story then bed.

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