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Self settling

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Haribolover Thu 20-Mar-14 10:22:12

Getting stressed about DDs sleeping. She is 15weeks and currently night times are not too bad. Goes down after feed either asleep or partly awake and drifts off herself with soothe and glow seahorse. Wakes usually once in the night and goes back down the same.

Naps are a different story and she will only sleep if fed and then sleeps on me or in the car or buggy. As son as the buggy/car stops or I transfer from me to cot she wakes. Means I get nothing done and the whole situation is stressing me out.

She is breastfed and don't see how. It will work if I stop feeding her and days where it's wet and can't get out in the buggy,

I want her to self settle -tried during today and just ended up withs screaming. Help.....

Feelinghungry Thu 20-Mar-14 10:48:59

Watching with interest. My 5 month old DS sleeps 7 to 7 with one wake for a feed. Is bf but goes down drowsy rather than asleep. Naps are a different story. Will only nap after a feed, in buggy or car or being bounced in bouncer! Can't seem to break this. Have tried putting him down in cot on first sleep signs but he screams I then end up feeding him to nap.i return to work soon so want to stop bf and fear il never be able to get him to nap! Hopefully someone will come along and offer some advice or reassurance.

Happydaze247 Thu 20-Mar-14 20:28:07

My dd was just like this. Here's what worked for us:

I would feed her in bed and then just lie next to her until she was asleep, often a hand across her body soothed her. I found that being as boring as possible/pretending to be asleep worked best.

Sometimes it was almost instant, sometimes it took a few minutes and, yes, sometimes she became very distraught - when this happened I would cuddle her and then lie down with her again, sometimes re-feeding, sometimes not. Then when she was asleep I would sneak off.

It meant she slept on our bed for her naps and also from bedtime until dreamfeed, which was ok as she couldn't roll over then. I really think this helped her to self sooth and we then progressed to feeding lying down followed by moving straight to cot (we had to do this as she had learnt to roll).

I wasn't keen to try cc or cio as she usually wound herself up to being hysterical if we tried to leave her. It took a few weeks but eventually we got to the point where I could feed her and put her straight in her cot. I never ever thought that day would come.

Also- we used a white noise app and blackout blinds - can't recommend them enough!

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