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I need a Plan ...

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LittleMissLottie Wed 05-Mar-14 09:56:39

So, DS has just turned 3 years old and has never slept through the night. Current pattern is that he is in his own bed after bath, stories etc at around 7.30 pm, he falls asleep in 10 mins but requires me to lie in his bed with him for cuddles, hair twiddling etc.He then sleeps until approx 11pm where he wakes, screams for Mummy (Daddy cannot comfort him) until I either get back in his bed or bring him into my bed. More hair twiddling, kicking, talking in his sleep, stroking my face, random waking etc all night until he wakes for the day at 7.30am.

I think after 3 years of co-sleeping I would like to work towards him eventually spending the whole night either in his own bed in his room, or on a small mattress by the side of my bed. I don't want to do cry it out or anything like that, but am so sleep deprived I can't think of how to even start! Anyone got any ideas?

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