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How on earth do I get her into her own cot in own room?

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Avenahoo Sun 02-Mar-14 15:33:17

Very much the title. Since birth my beautiful dd2 has been bf on demand and sleeping with me. DH went to spare room as it was easier all round. However, I now want dd to be in her own room and to share the bed with my husband ( even though I adore having dd in my arms all night)
Anyway for us the whole co sleeping thing has gone as far as it can go.
So any advice on how to make this transition? I'm not even aware of her night wakings tbh because whilst she goes down in her crib upon first waking I bring her in with me. I'm certain that she grazes a lot, and I've let this happen as I want the sleep.

I was a GF devotee with my first dd 7 years ago and at the age dd2 is now (18 weeks) dd1 was sleeping 8-8 (I wasn't EBF dd1) & sleeping in her own room. I have clearly softened in my old age and am far more relaxed about everything, but the way things currently are no longer suit. I am waiting until she reaches 6m but I want to be clear about how to introduce the changes. Any advice ladies?

KippyVonKipperson Sun 02-Mar-14 15:41:11

Ideas: put the cot in your room for a while so she is still in your room but in a cot? Feed on demand but put her hpback in her cot each time she's finished. If I let me one year old sleep in with me he's permanently latched on, but if I feed him sitting up and put him back in ip his cot he seems to have a 'proper' feed and then happily go back to sleep.

Or, go and sleeping her room with her for a week or so, feed on demand still but put her back in her cot each time.

I think it depends how much crying you are prepared to tolerate as to how fast you take it, and you can always try something and stop if it doesn't work out, then try the same thing in a month or so. It's probably easier to put them in their own room at 6 months than when their older and more aware. I think the bigger challenge you have is getting her out of your bed, once you've got over that hurdle putting her in her own room may not even be an issue.

Queeze Sun 02-Mar-14 15:53:03

My dc went into his own room about a fortnight ago, so at about 16mths, a bit later than your time frame! We had been co sleeping from about 4mths-12mths, (bf on demand through the night took it's toll by 4 mths!) then he was in his cot next to our bed from 12mths-16mths (night weaned). We were starting to disturb him in the night so it was time to move.
I didn't really know what to expect, so put a little bed in his room so I would be able to go in there to hold his hand if he got upset and would be comfortable myself. We also got a video monitor so we could see if he actually needed us to go to him, i.e. face planted in cot bars, or if he was just gurning in his sleep. Stops us getting up unnecessarily and is a comfort for me in the night to be able to glance over and see him. blush

He does wake a few times most nights and if he is properly upset I just take him out and settle him on the bed with me, then put him back once he's calm. I do not worry about rigidly keeping him in his own cot because I believe he'll adapt better if he knows we'll comfort him when he needs it.
So not very rigid at all but he does sleep through maybe 2-3 nights a week and when he needs more 'support' we just do whatever is required for us all to get as much sleep as possible! Good luck. I was very, very sad on his first night away, but it is nice not having to whisper and lurk about in the dark in your own room!

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