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how much does your 4mo sleep.

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spongebobmum Thu 27-Feb-14 09:27:30

Just that really! My 4mo sleeps about 11h at night and is starting to stay awake for a few hours during the day between feeds... just interested to see what others are doing at a similar age

YourDaughterHasaTattoo Thu 27-Feb-14 20:15:59

DD sleeps 11-12hrs per night (8pm bed time ish) then has 3 naps in the day; 10am, 2pm and 5pm. The first two are for about an hour, last one is about 30 mins. Times are approximate but that's generally when she gets tired. DS was nothing like this, so still waiting for it to all fall apart really!

claremoss Fri 28-Feb-14 14:17:44

for guidance only, I found it v. useful up untill 7 months...

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