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When good sleepers go baaad, what do you do?

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notso Wed 26-Feb-14 10:10:29

DS3 22 months has always needed to go to sleep on his own. He has always slept a lot, 3 hour nap and sleeps all night from 7-7.30-8 when well.
He has suddenly stopped wanting to go in his cot for a nap, he cries, shrieks the minute I put him in then falls asleep in my arms as soon as I pick him up. Even once asleep he will wake and cry the minute I try and put him down, like my other DC did as newborns.
I have to sit on the sofa and slowly slump down until he is lying down then slowly remove myself.
He needs the nap, he is past it by about 4 if I keep him up doesn't eat dinner and doesn't sleep well at night.
He is also hard to settle at night I have to sit near his cot for ages until he sleeps.

phoolani Wed 26-Feb-14 10:13:11

Have you tried putting him in his pram and taking a walk at nap time? When mine went through this stage this seemed to work.

notso Wed 26-Feb-14 10:58:01

The problem with that is DS2 3 is napping in bed at the same time. I could try and put him in the double buggy but he would have to sleep outside.

Thanks for the suggestion smile

MiaowTheCat Wed 26-Feb-14 11:24:28

Loads of threads recently with 22 monthers going the same way (DD1 being one of them) - I think there must be something developmental going on at that point.

What's working(ish) for DD1 is for me to pop her younger sister down for a nap (they have to share a room unfortunately), and take her into our room while her sister settles and cuddle her through the sleepfighting bit in there, before popping her into her own bed just as she's at the point of her eyes closing - once she's done the sleep resisting bit she seems to go off OK (I've sooo jinxed it now). Nighttimes aren't as bad - she's got a little bendy man torch she can work herself that bends onto her bed and she'll sit there and look at a pile of books before settling down at least - but that's taking much longer recently than it has done.

notso Wed 26-Feb-14 12:06:08

I hope it is just an age thing Miaow.
My two youngest share a room too that's why I have been bringing DS3 down so DS2 isn't disturbed.
I am tempted to try putting him in a bed as at least I could lie next to him although am nervous he is protected from DS2 in his cot.
He hates our bed hmm he screams the minute he is on our stairs - loft room.

It is really hard to know how to settle him as he has settled himself from tiny. Even when he has been ill or teething he has just needed patting and shhing. Getting him out the cot made him worse, until now.

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