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When could your DC sleep well even if they had a cold?

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minipie Thu 20-Feb-14 20:19:37

Just so sick of this winter, it's been one cold after another. Every time DD (15mo) has a cold she is up at least twice a night crying and we have to hold her until she can breathe through her nose again (can take a while!) And then when the nose clears a bit we have the cough stage which again wakes her up especially in the early morning when she refuses to go back to sleep.


When does this stop please?

YourDaughterHasaTattoo Thu 20-Feb-14 22:03:11

DS was like this. Seems to go on forever, but it does stop, I promise! then they wake with the dawn chorus

DS really suffered with croup (overnight in hosp). He found a humidifier, the calpol plug ins, snuffle babe (Vick for babies) and children's olbas - his room used to smell lovely in the morning grin. Propping him up too; helps the mucus drip down yuk I know! so the coughing woke him less

Hope your DD is on the mend soon

YourDaughterHasaTattoo Thu 20-Feb-14 22:04:06

Oh and I forgot the saline spray is good too, they don't think much of it, but it does give relief

minipie Thu 20-Feb-14 22:50:12

thanks for advice and sympathy! We've got the calpol plug in, olbas and cot is propped... god knows how bad things would be without all that!

I'd forgotten about saline, might give that a go

What are the symptoms of croup please? I am a bit worried about DD's current cough... Sorry to hear of your DS's night in hospital, how scary.

minipie Thu 20-Feb-14 22:54:43

just looked at croup on YouTube, DD's cough is not like that,

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