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Five week old resisting naps

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missmargot Sat 15-Feb-14 13:57:36

DS is five weeks old and so far has been a pretty good sleeper. He settles on his own and generally wakes twice for feeding between 9pm and 7am and goes straight back down. Until now he's been sleeping during the day in a cot downstairs and slept happily for much of the day.

I realise he needs less daytime sleep as he gets older but for the past few days he's been resisting any daytime sleep at all. He has been awake since 9am and has been in his cot for the last 45 mins happily looking around him but not showing any signs of sleep. Occasionally his eyes start to close but he fights to keep them open. This is the third failed attempt at getting him to nap so far today. Yesterday he ended up really overtired and had a melt down late afternoon which is unlike him.

Any tips on getting him to nap during the day or is this a phase that will pass?

ekyo Sat 15-Feb-14 22:38:57

My baby (now 5 months) started resisting naps around 5 weeks also. She still does it! I am hoping it will change and I have been scouring the message boards looking for hope. She is a terrible catnapper and has difficulty settling down, she is very alert and active, she is either wide awake or asleep, the only time she is drowsy is when nursing. Back then, we walked with her in a sling or carrier, or I rocked her in her carseat or last resort I nursed her to sleep - this was 5 times a day for 40 minute naps. Some people use a swing, but that didn't work for her. Now I put her in her crib w/ blackout conditions and white noise and she talks to herself for 15-30 minutes then falls asleep for a 30-40 minute nap at best, and we do that about 4 times a day. She sleeps well at night about 12 hours, with 1 feeding. She was swaddled, but now she is in a baby merlin magic sleep suit. It is hard, and I know she doesn't get good daytime sleep, but I hope it will change someday soon, and I am not sure what more I can do because rocking her overstimulates her and nursing her doesn't really work anymore during the daytime. Good luck.

purplemurple1 Sat 15-Feb-14 22:44:35

Mine did that about that age, I spent a few days pretty much just in the bedroom (awake ans asleep mostly in the cot) so he got bored of looking around the room (or use to the room I'm not sure). After that I always put him upstairs to sleep with the radio on, it's against sids advice but it worked for us.

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