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8month old sleep problems!

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harrison121 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:38:20

Hi, any advice or help would be really appreciated! My 8 month old continuously wakes up from 1am onwards, he has a set bed time routine and after a last feed has a cuddle and dozes off so goes into his cot and stays there! However for the last 4 weeks has been waking every half hour to hour, we go in put dummy in or if its already in reassure him and he goes quiet only to repeat again within minutes! I moved his dinner time back so he had a bigger bottle before bed time thinking he might be hungry but that hasn't worked, we have black out blinds we have tried and a night light but nothing works other than us keep going in or around 4am giving up and him coming in with us! We ave tried the cry out method but we live in a flat and don't want to wake the neighbours at silly o'clock with his screaming which he does until he makes himself sick! He has a comfy which i carry around all day so as to give him the idea its a part of me to cuddle at night but thats doesn't work! My partner and I are exhausted and argue over what to do but reality is we don't know what to do! Please help! X

grainmum Mon 10-Feb-14 11:19:21

watching as we are in a similar situation. I'm trying to move away from the fall-back position of breast-feeding as it's quickest and easiest, because it would be even better if he just went back to sleep himself!

ColdTeaAgain Mon 10-Feb-14 11:43:28

Another one with an 8 month old with sleep issues!

We're resorting to breastfeeding to sleep and cosleeping so that we get some sleep but really want to break this cycle.

Hope someone can help!

harrison121 Thu 13-Feb-14 08:02:20

Hi ladies! I am glad i am not on my own with ths one! To top it off my son now has a horrible cold and covered in ezcema! sad not even the calpol for his cold helps him sleep.....i am doomed! Xx

KimmyKim Thu 13-Feb-14 09:26:21

I remember these days and it nearly killed me!

The NHS have some good tips here that may help:

NHS Tips On Getting Your Baby To Sleep...

ColdTeaAgain Thu 13-Feb-14 12:45:32

Oh no harrison, poor little man, hope he feels better soon!

Thanks for the link kim

We have been trying the pick up put down method with limited success, not sure if we're being consistent enough with it to be honest. Anyone else tried doing this?

harrison121 Thu 13-Feb-14 18:12:07

Thanks hun! Think we are getting over the cold slightly!

I havent tried the pick up put down yet, we have tried controlled crying but he just goes on and on (very stubborn) and as silly as it might sound i dont like the thought of him going to sleep upset and distressed! Am going to put extra clothes on him tonight as just wondering if he is getting cold because our flat doesnt stay warm!

I have started giving him porridge as well as a 4oz bottle of a night time because we have found when he wakes up for the final time at 6am he is ravenous so trying to see if more food before bed helps incase he is getting hunger paings!

Hope you all have a better night, dreading bed time already!


grainmum Thu 13-Feb-14 19:00:03

I read that NHS page. It doesn't really say anything new but somehow I felt more like I could follow that advice. We have been doing for a few nights. I now have confidence that DS can self-settle, and that it won't take forever. I'm hoping it will get shorter over the next couple of weeks.
We're definitely having less night wakings.

Re pick up/put down I was never sure if you picked them up until they stopped crying or just to reassure.

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