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Transitioning DD to nursery/Cot

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PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 07-Feb-14 01:15:13

Help and advice please. Re transitioning daughter into her nursery to sleep. Apologies it's long.

My daughter is 6 months old and getting too big for her crib, which is alongside my bed. My thoughts lately have been that we disturb her sleep when we toss and turn and she's ready to move into her room but I want to do it gradually. My husband is sure she needs to move into her room "before we make a rod for our own back". He has loads of friends who've regretted not moving their LO sooner and have painted Jo Frost type scenarios to him.

I've been settling her in her cot in the nursery in the evenings for the last week or so and most nights she's gone down ok. I've then brought her in to our room from the dream feed.
We had a couple of late nights so I skipped the dream feed and brought through to our room when she woke at 1ish. Last night I settled her back in the cot post dream feed and she slept there til 5. Then she wouldn't settle so we co-slept til 8.

Tonight she woke as I was settling her post dream feed and wouldn't go into the cot. I tried. DH tried. She kept grinning and wanting to play. Quite unusual for her as she's not a bad sleeper these days.

DH has told me 'she's playing us' and 'we need to be strong and break her or she'll be in our room til 3yo' I want to transition her gently but I so want to move her into her own space in a way that leaves her confident we are still there for her. I will NOT break her spirit ffhs. I also am very aware she won't fit in her crib for more than another month or two so I have some time constraints.

I know the AP answer is probably co-sleep for a lot longer but I'm not sure DH is up for that. Does anyone have any gentle parenting advice to help us move through this. Any stories of a slightly later transition but before 3yo?

Thanks if you've got this far - hope I'm making sense

PuddingAndHotMilk Fri 07-Feb-14 19:58:09


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