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2.5yo coming in our room during the night

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rachndan Tue 21-Jan-14 15:51:33

Hi all,

We are back to having restless nights again with our daughter.

We sold our house in October and moved in with the inlaws whilst saving for a bigger house. Trouble is the house is much noisier in the evenings.

We started off letting our daughter fall asleep on our bed and then pop her in her own bed once she was asleep and most nights she would come back into our room about 3 or 4am and have to sleep with us. We tried putting her back in her room but she just cried and as we are staying with other people we really cant annoy them by letting her cry during the night.

Her room is also quite cold during the night too, colder than all the other rooms in the house.

We then got her to fall asleep in her own bed and we left a heater on until we went to bed. Then sure enough around 3am she comes in the room again.

We have a white noise machine in our room to block out the noisy neighbours so thought she might like the soothing sound of that herself so we got her one last week and the first night she slept right through until 7.30am, we thought this was brilliant. However every single night since then she has come in around 1am without fail.

We dont know what to do and whether this is just a phase? Its a tricky situation as we are living with other people so only so much they can do to be quiet and only so much we can do so we can keep her quiet.

Any tips would be appreciated.


rachndan Mon 03-Feb-14 14:39:41

Hi, anyone else experiencing this?

We even got her a proper single bed, she loves it. Loves to watch TV on it, play on it, go to sleep on it, she just will not stay in it the whole night. She still keeps coming in our room.

In the last 4 weeks she has slept through about 5 nights tops.

Any thoughts?

Showy Mon 03-Feb-14 14:41:53

I have a 2.5yo. Occasionally he sleeps through. Most nights he comes to our bed between about 1am and 4am and sleeps in with us. Difference is, I don't mind in the slightest! DD was exactly the same and grew out of it.

shadylane Mon 03-Feb-14 14:42:18

Um, let her sleep with you? She probably wants some comfort and doesn't want to be alone in her bed. This is normal especially if you've been moving around.

JammyTodger Mon 03-Feb-14 14:49:53

I have the Experience but no advice I'm afraid. My 4 year old DS has been coming into our bed every night since he got mobile. Usually around 3am though I often sleep through him. I love waking up with him and I'm slightly dreading him growing out of it. Really, unless she's disturbing you, is it such a big problem while you're all in a period of upheaval?

redcaryellowcar Mon 03-Feb-14 14:56:34

you could try a snuggle suit, like sleeping bag but with legs, jojo do them in 2-3 years. or accept she will come into your room but build her a 'nest' on the floor with a duet, pillows etc, meaning she is allowed to come in but only if she doesn't wake you up!
or pop stairgate across door to her room; but this may involve her crying?

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