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Baby sleeping increasingly less... need help figuring this out

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Peregrin Mon 28-Oct-13 11:48:29

Please excuse any spelling / grammatical errors.. I am grabbing a few minutes before my baby wakes up again.

Baby Peregrin is 3 and a half weeks old, almost EBF (he's had a formula top-up three times in total) and has been having stomach cramps for a while. We have got to the point where he can burp well and he has at least two soiled nappies a day.

We had a few peaceful days after his ability to pass wind got better when he fed roughly every three hours and slept like a champ in between. Now he is back to writhing around in his sleep and waking up with increasing frequency. Our days are spent trying out every trick in the book to get him to sleep, in vain for much of the day, then he finally knocks himself out for one good sleep, after which he'll have maybe two short ones (1.5 then 1 hour then 30 minutes) and it all begins anew. In my arms (being BF to sleep - practically impossible to get him to sleep otherwise) he'll doze off, then jolt himself awake and spring wide open his poor sleepy eyes.

The paediatrician deemed him very healthy, and he is not displaying (other) signs of illness.

Any tips, ideas on what is going on, and what I could do to get him to sleep well?

He's just woken and screaming already.

Peregrin Mon 28-Oct-13 14:12:20

Got back here to add that we had the good days after we found out he sleeps much better on his tummy, but now he is restless when I put him down and will only sleep when being held, with the odd exception.

sheeplikessleep Mon 28-Oct-13 14:20:53

Growth spurt?
Sounds normal for such a littlin.
But then all 3 of mine were very windy. Cranial osteopathy might help to gt the wind out?

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