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Nine Month Nap Nightmare

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ErmtheTrude Wed 04-Sep-13 13:56:30

Any advice? DD has taken to objecting strongly to the idea of an afternoon nap, previously she got about 2.5 hours sleep a day but recently this has changed. I appreciate that there is a lot going on in her mind and developmentally but for me sleep is a non negotiable point and by hook or crook it will happen. Hopefully by tweaking her routine!!!

Routine is approximately

6 ish awake and chatting to herself
6.30ish feed followed by play, breakfast and a walk
9-9.30 goes down for a nap usually for about an hour
10.30 ish up, play, go out, walk, visitors etc
12.30 lunch
1.00 play either until she looks tired or around 1.45
1.45 attempt to put down for nap, chat in cot for eons, wail a bit, eventually drop off. Wake after brief snooze at the flap of a butterfly's wings two miles away.
3.00-3.30 up, milk, etc, etc
Bedtime after supper etc starts around 6 and ends around 7 usually with her asleep.

I'm tearing my hair out, today is slightly different as she hardly napped at all this morning and I put her down at one after a really busy morning and a nanoseconds drop off on the way back from town, she is still chatting to herself.

Any advice gratefully received as she is just not getting enough sleep during the day and from everything I have read it is just so bad for her. Or is it a phase that will pass before I am completely bald?

happydaze77 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:47:07

We were in a very similar situation last month (dd is now 10 months) We've found that limiting the morning nap to 30-45 mins has helped and the second nap has become easier, and longer, as a result.
Our current routine is
Awake 7:15/7:30
1st nap 10:30-11:15
2nd nap 2:30-4
Bed at 7:15, usually asleep between 7:30 and 8pm

NothingsLeft Fri 06-Sep-13 11:23:52

DS dropped to one long lunchtime nap around midday at this age. He was also pissing about not sleeping for the afternoon map and I found he got more sleep this way.

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