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Will this resolve on it's own? I'm starting to panic!

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mewkins Wed 04-Sep-13 21:26:28

I would say gradually push it back by 10 or 15 mins every other day. Aim for as close to 9am as you can anf this will help reset their body clocks. Early waking is horrible especially as the mornings get darker and it still feelslike the middle of the night!

WantToMoveNorth Wed 04-Sep-13 09:16:17

Thanks both.

I've been trying to leave 2 hrs since they wake till the first nap (although this is often around 7am) should I still wait until 9am or will they get overtired? They only nap for 45 mins at the moment anyway. They used to nap for longer, but they don't do it very often any more.

Yes we have blackout curtains & blackout blinds so it's as dark as I can get.

I just keep reading that early morning waking is the hardest habit to kick so I really want to nip it in the bud- but how?!

Thanks x

Bambi27 Mon 02-Sep-13 21:54:17

Hi! Oh my goodness poor you! Sounds like a nightmare! I'm sure you do but do you have a completely black room? Black out blind etc. I would just not get up with them? I know that sounds silly but what would you do if it was 2 in the morning? Do the same? Hmmm it's very difficult!!! But can't go on!! I hope someone comes up with a better idea than mine!!!

mewkins Mon 02-Sep-13 21:50:00

How long is their morning nap? Aim for a morning nap no earlier than 9am (even if this is painful for the first few days) and make sure it's not too long. I would say no more than 45mins. You can start reducing it gradually and it should help the early wakinv if you are consistent.

WantToMoveNorth Mon 02-Sep-13 08:20:00

For the past few weeks my DTs have been waking early, but now it's getting worse- for the past few days they've been waking about 4:30am. They just babble away for an hour or so and then eventually start crying. We've started to feed them, but it doesn't seem to make much difference as they don't go back to sleep. We've also started a dream feed at about 11pm, again this doesn't seem to make much difference and they still wake up just as early. They're almost 5 months and they can self settle. Does anyone know if this will resolve on it's own?

I'm starting to panic as my eldest was a terrible sleeper (I was getting about 3 hours a night when she was this age) and the sleep deprivation made me feel ill- I'm so terrified if getting back to that. I did sleep training on my eldest so she would self settle and from then on has been perfect. As the DTs can self settle is there any point doing sleep training? Will they grow out if this? I'm thinking of bringing in a sleep consultant, but I'd have to scrape together the money- do you think it'd be worth it?


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