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How to settle 12 week old in crib

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hugahuddy Wed 22-May-13 16:49:29

Please can I have some advice on how to settle our 12 week old ds?! We are totally niave and inexperienced when it comes to babies, the last 12 weeks has consisted of us trying to follow guidelines, not having a happy baby then talking to people about what works in real life and being able to make stuff work!

We had ds in a John Lewis sleepyhead cushion, he was in our bed till about 10 weeks old, then went to the side of our bed for a couple of weeks then a few days in sleepyhead in the crib. Last night was the first night with no sleepyhead, he's outgrown it, and he cried whenever his back touched the crib mattress. He fell asleep on our mattress and was happy on his back so happy that it's not wind. Have tried warming mattress etc but didn't help, put mattress on our bed and he fell asleep happily so can't blame the mattress! Any advice on how to settle him in his crib?! We have slumber buddy with stars on the ceiling and a good night time routine of bath, feed, wind and down to bed (although not sure what time bed time should start at this age so might be getting it wrong). Do some babies just not like the bars or something?? Any thoughts very welcome, dreading another sleepless night.

okthen Wed 22-May-13 19:19:09

Our baby boy was like this. Tbh, we ended up pretty much co sleeping until he went into his own cot and room at 5mo, at which point he became more settled.

There was something about the little crib he just did not like. Maybe the mattress was less comfy (his cot mattress is a 'proper' one, crib one was more flimsy). I also think it was being close to us, he just wanted to be in with us!

Co-sleeping was/is not an option for us long term and I was concerned about whether he'd give it up easily when the time came- but he did smile

hugahuddy Wed 22-May-13 21:23:46

Thanks ok! Glad to hear that your ds made that transition easily! I dream of a three hour stretch of sleep!!

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