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Advice on settling a newborn in the night

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Mumtobe26 Wed 22-May-13 14:41:58

I have a gorgeous little girl who will be 4 weeks tomorrow. She has been a little star so far, sleeping for 4 hours at a time through the night and feeding really well. However, at her 2am feed she refuses to settle back down in her moses basket. I try giving her some more milk, swaddling her etc but all she seems to want is to latch back on for comfort and doze on me!! Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks xx

notso Wed 22-May-13 15:05:12

Aww congratulations smile

I think they nearly all do this at some point.
Try sleeping with a Muslin or similar down your top so that it smells of you then put that close to your DD so she can still smell you.

Try putting her down really slowly. Hovering over her so it's like your still cuddling her while she settles could help.

Put a warm hot water bottle in her basket while you feed her to keep it cosy for her. If you do this either take a HWB to bed with you or a flask of hot water to fill one with..

Try putting your hand on her tummy, I slept with my hand on DS1 for about 5 months!

Controversial but this is when I would introduce a dummy. I was a dummy hater when childless but have found them a god send for my four.

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