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How many hours does your 4 year old sleep?

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ComeOVeneer Thu 18-May-06 21:24:25

I can hear dd (4 obviously) still awake and moving around her room, despite being put to bed at 7.45pm. I know that she will be up by 7am at the very latest, so I expect she will have a max of 9 hours sleep. What time does your 4 year old go to sleep and wake up?

hoxtonchick Thu 18-May-06 21:29:58

ds goes to bed between 7 & 8 & gets up between 7 & 8 too. very occasionally we get a 6:30 start.

NomDePlume Thu 18-May-06 21:31:56

DD wil be 4 in August and has always been a very good sleeper, she was still having daily 3 hour sleeps in the day until a week or so after her 3rd birthday, in addition to her 12 hour night-time sleeps . She now goes to bed at 7pm and is zonked pretty much immediately, she wakes anywhere between 7am and 7.20am.

handlemecarefully Thu 18-May-06 21:35:18

20.00, up circa 06.45 / 7.00 so around 11 hours per 24 hrs

ComeOVeneer Thu 18-May-06 21:35:29

DD used to be fantastic but ever since returning from living in america her sleep is shot. We struggle to get her to sleep (although not to bed) and she often comes into our room during the night (she is always returned to her bed) and is usually fully awake before 7am. What with her and dh waking me when he comes in from work anywhere between 11pm and 3am I am beginning to feel like a zombie. People have even commented on how tired I look .

LIZS Thu 18-May-06 21:40:48

Usually asleep between 8/ 8.30 and awake between 6.30 and 7 , but could often sleep in longer if not for light mornings and hearing dh get up. So 10-11 hours.

Blu Thu 18-May-06 21:43:37

About 10 and a half - 11 hours

Bozza Thu 18-May-06 21:46:04

DS was 7.30 to 7 at age 4. And needing every minute of it.

Tommy Thu 18-May-06 21:52:17

DS1 goes to sleep around 8 (goes to bed at 7 but does a lot of faffing...) and usually wakes up between 6 and 7

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