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6 month old waking up every 40-50minutes at night

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Flickp Thu 02-May-13 00:55:44

Hi everyone.
Just wandering if any one has any ideas of what i can do to get my 6 month old girl to sleep more at night. She is waking about every 50 minutes at night. She likes to go to bed around 7pm, i have tried to make it later by doing later naps but she just gets more upset because she wants to sleep around 7. Then she will sleep for about 3 hours waking abit because she has lost her dummy. But then after that she then wakes up crying through the night. I can't leave her to cry for long because my boyfriend is trying to sleep and works long hours. So i end up picking her up and either feeding or just comforting her until she sleeps. I have tried putting her down when she sleepy but not asleep but she doesn't last long like that.
She sleeps in a amby hammock at the mo, but is getting big for it so will have to move to cot soon and that will be even harder.
I need help its been so long without proper sleep

Loubyloulou88 Thu 02-May-13 06:31:21

Strange question, but does she like to spread out when she sleeps? I know our ds loves to have his arms stretched out either side of him. He was getting too big for his Moses basket and had no room to spread out, so have moved him to his cod bed. He looks to dinky in it but had lots of room, and doesn't startle himself by hitting the sides with his legs or arms. However I know some babies like to be swaddled so this won't work for all! A move to a cot might help, maybe worth trying her for a couple of nights?? Can always bring her back to the hammock if there's no change x

minipie Fri 03-May-13 19:47:34

Poor you. It sounds like she is waking every sleep cycle and doesn't know how to put herself back to sleep without your help.

Controlled crying is the simplest and quickest way to teach her that she can go to sleep by herself, it can work very quickly, but it is controversial and many on MN are against it. Personally I think it's better than having an exhausted mother - you must be shattered with such frequent wakings (and your baby is probably tired too!).

I agree it sounds like she needs to move to the cot, but suspect that won't solve the problem until she learns to go back to sleep by herself.

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