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Question about Swaddling/Immobilising Legs!!

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Toothyboy Sat 13-May-06 12:44:48

Ds2 is almost 12 weeks old. He sleeps well at night, apart from 4am ish onwards. Last night I sat up for a while to try to work out what was unsettling him and realised it's his legs flailing about!
He's swaddled, but I can only manage to immobilise his arms, not his legs - any tips on how to keep the legs still?

workingitout Sat 13-May-06 12:57:19

Our 3 week old fights like a ferret in a sack if you let her. She's a real kicker (and always was before birth too!), and we've found the kiddopotamus bags excellent-they have a 'leg pouch', which allows them to move their legs a bit, but not too much to get disturbed by it.


Toothyboy Sat 13-May-06 13:01:34

Thanks - I'll check those out. Should have expected this really as ds2 was also a kicker before birth!

Toothyboy Sat 13-May-06 18:34:04


zippitippitoes Sat 13-May-06 18:47:37

I think it's good for them to kick freely..have you looked at grobags? I wouldn't be swaddling at all at this age.

Toothyboy Sat 13-May-06 18:58:38

Trouble is, zippi, it's not just a bit of kicking - it's jolting and uncontrolled flailing, and that's why it's waking him. I know he seems a bit old for swaddling, but he's very small, only 9.5 lbs (was barely 5lbs at birth), and his limb movement is still not controlled. I tried a grobag, but it didn't stop his whole lower body jolting!!
Thank you for your comments - all welcome!

dandycandyjellybean Tue 16-May-06 15:23:03

fwiw i still swaddle my ds and he is 7 months next week!!! He wriggles out of it pdq these days, even if i tuck him in his cot as tight as a drum, but I don't think 12 weeks is old at all. Do it if it helps.

Kathy1972 Tue 16-May-06 15:33:32

We were given something called a 'miracle blanket', here which is basically a long, shaped piece of jersey with a pocket for the feet and flaps to go under the arms. You can get them in the UK for about £15. It was much better than an ordinary blanket for keeping her legs still as you wind it round and round (and she looked like baby Jesus, which is always nice .)

Toothyboy Tue 16-May-06 22:14:37

Thanks Kathy - that looks ideal! I've ordered something similar, but if it doesn't work then I'll probably try the miracle blanket.

And thanks Cubby - ds2 loves his swaddle - it always calms him immediately.

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