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New sleeping issues at 8 yrs

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darcie8 Mon 18-Mar-13 14:06:42

Hi, my daughter Darcie has started waking at night (about 3 hrs after she goes to bed). She is my most emotional child in that she takes things to heart, is very emphatic, gets upset and over-excited very easily in comparison to my other two. She is saying she is scared, thinking about bad things and will only settle in my bed or if i sit on her bed with her. My bedroom is the floor above the children's rooms. At first i thought she may be playing on it a bit but i genuinely think she's scared - it's been every night for over a week. I've asked her what would make her less scared, i.e move her bedroom round so she can't see the bannisters from her room (one scary thing for her), have a night light/no light (normally the landing light is on) but all she says is if i was on her floor or she is in my bed.
I tried taking things away from her in the begining when i thought she was messing around, now i know she's genuine obviously that's not the thing to do but what is?!

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