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Suggestions for 7 mo please

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Loislane78 Sat 16-Mar-13 22:16:47

So.... on the face on it DD doesn't seem too bad: doesn't feed to sleep, can be put down awake for nighttime and asleep in 5 mins in cot in her own room. Daytime naps also put down awake and will go anywhere between 45 min and 1.5 hr on her own (more if we cosleep or in the pram).

However, she's never fully recovered from 4 month sleep regression (was a dream before this!) and wakes frequently in the night, every 1-2 hrs even if we co-sleep. The wake ups are also getting earlier - after 3 hrs. S
I feel like she's not properly awake or crying, just shouting out/groaning. Probably only needs just 1-2 feeds max. as well.

So what do you do? I feel like I've tried/am doing most things from no cry sleep solution and it's having no effect. Just now when she woke, I let her grizzle for 3 mins then went in to resettle. One shout out and now back to sleep but I know she'll be awake again in an hour.

Is it time to try CC? How do you separate from weaning?

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