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12 mo screwy naps and bedtime

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SharkSkinThing Wed 13-Feb-13 12:51:55

I agree with Grey - sounds like your LO is moving from 2 to 1 naps in the day. You may need to just go with with the flow for a bit and expect things to be a bit mucky, have an earlier lunch, and nap from 11.30am or something, but it does settle down.



Greywacke Wed 13-Feb-13 11:45:48

Mine dropped to 1 nap around that point. He is now 14 months. I found that the morning nap was getting later and later and he just wasn't managing the afternoon one.

I slowly managed to push the morning nap back to 12:30. I give him a snack around 10 to help keep him going. He then sleeps for 2 hours and goes down fine at 7-7:30.


Suchanamateur Wed 13-Feb-13 09:10:26

DD a week off 12 months having had what I now realise was a fairly stable rhythm is all over the place. I don't know whether its the beginning of the 2-1 transition or just regression/ weirdy baby stuff. Any views? DS didn't go down to 1 nap until 18 months so this seems very early.

Until the last couple of weeks we were approx:
6.30/7 ish - wake (usually up at 5.30 for a brief feed)
9.30/10 - nap for 35 mins to 1 hr (most usually a short one though)
1/1.30 - nap for 1.5/ 2hrs
6.30ish - bedtime

Now she is often completely refusing her pm nap, even after only a short morning one. That makes for a loooong day, even with early bed.

I took her swimming yesterday am and put her down after 3.5 hrs waketime (approx 2pm) and she actually went down fine and slept for an hour an a half. But then messed around at bedtime and didn't go down for an hour after i put her down (so didn't sleep until 8).

So it feels like if I do manage a pm sleep, it knocks bedtime (and she's still up quite early).

What to do? Bite the bullet and transition to 1 nap? Or ride this out a bit longer and see if shes just doing baby random?

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