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Grrrr I've really messed up DS sleeping what do I do now???

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BabyHaribo Wed 06-Feb-13 09:40:09

DS (12 months) has always been relatively good sleeper. He was very good and going to sleep on his own, napped well, slept throu some nights and others woke once or twice for his dummy/cuddle.

Over Christmas we were all ill colds/ear infection followed by norovirus. I got into the habit of rocking DS to sleep as he was so poorly and so was I it was quickest and easiest. BUT we now can't seem to break the habit and he needs rocking for every sleep.

I have tried rocking til semi asleep and then putting down but he often wakes up and cries. I wouldn't mind too much but it's started to affect his night wakings as he keeps waking up and expecting to be rocked back to sleep. He also will only have me if DH goes to him he screams.

Any tips on how to break the habit. I don't think I could do CC as not sure if I agree with it and I couldn't deal with the crying!


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