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Rod for your own back people. I concede you may have been right.

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nancerama Tue 05-Feb-13 11:18:40

DS has never been a great sleeper, but never a terrible one either. I think because it was never really bad we drifted along on the path of least resistance - feeding him back to sleep once a night and dragging him into bed with us if he refused to settle after 4am (it was that or getting up with him and the early starts were killing me).

DS has now reached 20 months and suddenly refuses to sleep in his own room AT ALl. He always drifted off happily on his own at 7pm. Now he's still awake way past 9, crashing about and chucking all his toys and covers out onto the floor multiple times. He finally collapsed at about 9:45 last night, but woke up about 10 times after 2am going through the same routine - shrieking and chucking all his toys on the floor.

DH got sick of the disruption (as he always does) and brought him in with us where he snoozed until 7:30am.

I get the impression that DS only wants to be in bed with us now, which I wouldn't mind, but he's so wriggly and will insist on feeding every couple of hours. DH doesn't care as long as we all get some sleep. I feel like we're going backwards and am so exhausted and short tempered. Help!

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