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Moving house and sleep gone to pot

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sleepcrisis Mon 04-Feb-13 08:11:00

Hi all

My DS is 19mo and up until around 13-14 months was an utterly terrible sleeper. Since then he has slept a dreamy 12 hours at night (although he regresses during every cold, tooth etc) and he usually naps 11.30-1 or 12-1.30.

We moved out of our house about a week ago and are in temp accommodation for 3 weeks until we move into our new house.

Since then, DS has slept appallingly. I was expecting it tbh but now it has hit me I am so depressed about it.

For the first few days he only napped for about 45 mins, creating an over tired mess. At night, every night since we moved, he has woken numerous times in the night (usually requires one of us to sit with him til he goes back off) and then woken for the day at 4.30 am. 4.30 am!! He used to wake at 7-7.30!!

We have addressed temp of room and he has black outs. We have tried to no avail to get him back to sleep.

Yesterday he napped 2.5 hrs so I thought if it was to do with overtiredness he might have turned a corner - but he had another very restless night and up again at 4.30.

So far we have tried as much as possible to stick to our usual routine. We have been keeping him up in the morning til 11 to try and discourage an early cycle.

In the night if I go to him, he will not even lie down and the day inevitably begins then. If DH goes to him he'll lie down and try to sleep, but generally won't and DH gives up after an hour or so. Then, by 6am, I give him his morning BF, then he is only allowed books in our room while we doze until 645-7, then he is allowed to get up. I am very boring until breakfast at 7.30-8, and then I act as if nothing has happened.

What else can we do?! I don't like to leave him to cry in a strange place. Hes very clingy as it is. But we all need the sleep to be able to function, and DH has to work.

Please offer any suggestions, I am getting very down about this and barely able to make it to lunch time sad

Thanks in advance

sleepcrisis Tue 05-Feb-13 09:39:20


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