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Baby won't stay asleep when put down...

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Wigeon Thu 17-Jan-13 21:54:57

DD1 was 3 when DD2 was born. You need a moby wrap. They are brilliant. Really comfortable. Completely adjustable to the size of the wearer (you, DH/ DP) and the size of the baby. I am of the school of thought that you can't spoil a baby (especially a 2.5wk old).

Mummyof3tobe Thu 17-Jan-13 21:50:05

No great advice I'm afraid, but you have my sympathies. DD is 6 weeks and similar. She's also my third so I have two others to deal with. It has got a little better over the weeks. I just keep telling myself I survived this phase once before so I guess I can again. I can't remember how I got through it all as its a total blur in my memory (which speaks volumes!)

Nightmoves Thu 17-Jan-13 11:30:57

Have you tried a sling? Then she could nap while you were on the move?

SanneSannes Thu 17-Jan-13 11:04:38

I know its tough Lazzaroo, i have a 2 yo plus a 3 mo and i believe tiny babies are still unable to settle themselves at that age, so i have lined up several activities my DS1 enjoys and can do unaided whilst i am sitting nextbto him breastfeeding or rocking to sleep DC2....must admit i felt like i was neglecting DC1 in the first days after DC2 was born, but so far DC1 seems to be ok with the new addition and doesn't seem to mind that there is a baby attached to my boob whilst we are colouring his colouring books. This doesnt work all the time though and there have been moments where i have been running after him with baby attached to me....i also go to playgroups a lot at the moment, where DC1 is happy to play and i feel comfortable to feed/rock baby.

lazzaroo Thu 17-Jan-13 09:04:48

first time around this wasn't a problem...good excuse for cuddles & snoozing! But now I have a 3 year old who needs my time & attention.

She is 2.5 weeks & only sleeps really well when led on someone. Will wake after 10-30mins if put down in cot, Moses basket, rocker. She is also becoming really hard to settle other than by feeding to sleep. Yesterday afternoon I felt like I spent all my time either feeding or trying to get her to sleep. Fortunately my older DD is being very patient & entertaining herself but it can't go on. This morning for example, she settled to sleep after her feed. I put her down so I could do breakfast, get dressed &get older DD ready for nursery. She woke after 10 mins & was then really unsettled until we got in the car. She went to sleep in the car but has woken as soon as getting in. She's now fallen asleep on my boob!

How do you all do it!!

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