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Baby crying, cortisol and stress

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ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sun 18-Nov-12 19:38:40

Everytime a heated debate on sleep training comes along (1a week seems about average!) i read the against camp and it gets me worried so i thought i'd post for advice. Not posting on the CC thread so as not to hijack and because it is a bit heated.

Anyway, i have a 23.5 week old who is not a good sleeper. I am trying to fix it at the moment based on a mix of the millpond book and a gina ford style routine, but just the routine part. So am doing a very slow gradual retreat plus designated night feeds. Walking round with her until feed time.

I need this to work as she and I are both chronically sleep deprived. Thing is she seems to hate sleeping. Sometimes ( at least once a day) she screams herself purple just because i go into the bedroom and start to rock her in my arms. It's as though she freaks out at the idea of going to sleep! She calms down as soon as i step out of the bedroom. hmm

so, it's the worlds most gradual retreat! In 10 days we've gone from walking to rocking. But given all the stuff about CC being so bad so little i really worry about her reaction. If CC and CIO means they learn 'no use crying, no one is coming' what does she learn if i ignore her screams when she's in my arms? It feels even worse if she is learning, 'sometimes no matter how much i try to say i need her to do something else, mummy ignores me'. Guess she needs to learn that at some point but i was reckoning closer to 2 years old!

Is it bad for her tocry like this?

LadyWidmerpool Sun 18-Nov-12 19:44:34

I think it's different if you are holding her. Even if she's unhappy she still feels your presence and knows you are there with her.

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