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Bedtime for 16wk old

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GailTheGoldfish Wed 14-Nov-12 07:43:19

Until the damn 12 week growth spurt (or it could be early onset 4 month sleep regression) DD was having a long feed at 10pm, falling asleep at 1045pm and sleeping til 5am, feeding then going back to sleep til 8 ish. Bliss. Not any more! She started waking every two to three hours after I brought her bedtime forward to around 8/830pm. She was clearly tired in the evenings but the earlier bedtime seems to have stopped her sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a time so she only has 2 hour bursts of sleep and she wakes at 5 not wanting to go back to sleep. Last night she was full of beans all evening and stayed up til 9.45pm, was asleep by 10.15 and didn't wake til 4.30am. But everyone else I know puts their babies to bed at around 7 so I am not sure if I ought to be sucking up the night waking in order to get an earlier bedtime or is it better for her (as well as me!) to get the longer stretch after a later bedtime? She has about 3 or 4 day naps of 45 mins each on average. Any ideas?

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