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How to get 12 month old back to sleep.

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PastaDee Fri 09-Nov-12 08:28:42

DD started waking anytime between 4 and 5.15am a few weeks ago having gone 7/7 prior to that. She has just turned 1. It coincided with teeth that are all through now. 

I gave her milk one night when she woke at 3am and she went back and slept until 7am. This worked for the next few nights but doesn't anymore. DD drinks the milk and refuses to go back to sleep. 

It isn't a case of wanting to get up and play as she is really tired and grumpy when I do eventually give in and start our day. 

I'm really tired. I'm working, DH is abroad and I'm studying in the evening to catch up on things I missed whilst on maternity leave. I'm on a course all next week with an exam at the end and I'm feeling panicky and anxious at the thought of how tired I am going to be and getting ready with a crying child hanging off me as she is so grumpy she cries when put down. 

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do? She had dropped her morning nap but it is back now as she is so tired albeit limited to 1/2 hour. She has 2 hours at 1pm. 

Should I still be giving her the milk? She drinks it readily enough....! I'm happy to try anything but I don't know where to start!

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