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11 month old - bit stuck!

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Madallie Tue 06-Nov-12 22:27:01

I posted about this before but got no replies - probably because I was so long winded (a habit of mine).

DD is almost 11 mo. Used to be a terrible sleeper but improved around 5months.

She self settles and has started sleeping through the night. All great and I'm so lucky, I know.

Only thing is, her night sleep is really affected by her day sleep, as I know is common.

While she's never been a prolific napper, we had a routine (although not rigid to the minute - I know flexibility is important too) that worked and kept her well rested -

6.30/7am - wake
10.00 - nap (1hr 15mins ish)
2.00pm - (1hr - 1hr 15mins - usually the 1hr tho)
6.45/7pm - bed

Now however she can stay awake later in the day and pm nap is getting so late (and short!), It was 4pm yesterday for 25mins. She often takes 40mins to settle now too. Then she woke at 5am the next day, probably as she was OT.

Just not too sure of a way forward or what do to for the best.

P.s. shortening am nap doesn't seem to lengthen pm nap

Any advise ot ideas would be welcome.

Charlottemerwiak Wed 07-Nov-12 00:01:11

Have you tried really wearing her out before the morning nap and making it slightly later. So maybe go to a park or for a walk about 9:30 and then let her nap at closer to 11:00 maybe you could make that nap later and longer and cut the afternoon map out. I know easier said than done we did it really gradually.

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