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Night weaning very stubborn 22 month old

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icepole Fri 02-Nov-12 00:36:22

I've been trying for months. If I don't feed her she is hysterical. I am exhausted. Her Db was weaned about this age, took a few nights of tears. But she becomes furious and I spend ages rocking her to sleep instead. I've really had enough.

babyphat Fri 02-Nov-12 10:33:34

Have you tried the Jay Gordon night weaning approach? My dd was feeding every hour or so until I did this at 17 months. His general approach is simple (iirc very gradual withdrawal, picking a time you won't feed, lots of cuddling) but it helped to have instructions to follow! I should probably have done it sooner but was too tired! She was really cross for the first night but it did get better fairly quickly. Or (I bf dd till age 2 so not anti) would you consider weaning completely? I know my mum had to do this to stop night waking with my db! Good luck anyway, I remember the feeling all too well. Dd is 4 now.

icepole Sat 03-Nov-12 00:53:20

I tried knocking out the first feed of the night but even after several weeks she still woke up and screamed the place down. I need to try it again but I am not well just now and can't face it.

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