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Déjà vu - another non napper :-(

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toomuchtooyoung Wed 31-Oct-12 06:50:29

My 14 week old ds is turning into my dd and can't get past a 30'minute sleep cycle for daytime naps. Nightime sleep is better at least

I can't believe I've made another one!

Whilst dd was at least happy and gurgly in-between her rubbish naps ds is a screamer.

When dd was about 6 months we started shush pat pu/pd and going into her room at about 25 minutes to hold her hands and help her stay/go back to sleep. She then turned into a fabulous napper and even now at 2.1 will regularly have a 2 hour afternoon nap

But how do I start to help ds to sleep longer when I have dd attached to me trying to 'help'. Not so much shush pat as laugh and runaway pat!

If he was happy I'd leave it and go with the flow but he's a grumpy bugger

toomuchtooyoung Wed 31-Oct-12 07:28:07

I should add that the only place he will nap is in the sling, sometimes in the pram

KatAndKit Wed 31-Oct-12 18:25:03

There are so many threads on here about the annoying 30 minute naps that I think it must be some sort of developmental phase that 4-6 month old babies go through. I could have written it myself too - it is rare that we get a long nap here although sometimes if he naps in the pushchair he stays asleep a bit longer in the pushchair if I carefully sneak him back inside the house.

Suchanamateur Thu 01-Nov-12 08:34:42

I've been in exactly your position. I'm afraid I've resorted to lots of cbeebies while I shush and pat. 2.5 yo old DS seems quite happy with this state of affairs. Weare sometimes getting longer naps now out of DD at 8 months but it pretty hit and miss. Good luck!

toomuchtooyoung Thu 01-Nov-12 22:20:09

Uh oh - there's just no hope is there!

Unfortunately dd tends to ignore the tv. she has become an expert at Tozzle and YouTube, but then she just follows me around the house as I pace up and down with ds in the sling trying to get him to nap. Today I resorted to putting the White noise app right next to his ear. Went out like a light in 30 seconds but still only got 30 minutes

I could cope if he were happy during his waking hours but he's just not. The magic 12 week Mark has been and gone and he's showing no signs of calming down

It's a bloomin good job he has a cute smile, albeit in the very brief periods he's awake and happy at the same time.

Is it wrong to wish the mOnths away? Poor dd, she deserves better :-(

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