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22 month old waking 5+ times in the night!

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somuchforanindiansummer Sun 14-Oct-12 22:24:00

DS has never been a brilliant sleeper, but finally started sleeping through the night consistently at around 16 months (although we did do some CC, I can't say that particularly improved his sleep, it just kind of eventually happened). We had a good few months of great sleep, but recently it has just gone to shit again. For a few weeks he has been up 1-2 times in the night, which isn't so bad to be honest, but for the last week or so it has been more like 5 or 6! He doesn't seem to be in pain with teeth or anything, he just seems to have completely lost the ability to self-settle. He seems to just want someone in the room with him, as he will quieten as soon as I go in, without me necessary saying or doing anything. I am finding it really tough (not least because I'm 6m pregnant) but don't know whether to 'do' something (ie CC/CIO) or just ride it out. 6 times a night at nearly 2 seems just ridiculous... Any advice?

Romilly70 Sun 14-Oct-12 22:32:38

Do you settle him to sleep, when he initially goes to bed or can he settle by himself?

I am no expert, as DS (almost 2) needs me to get him off to sleep and then when he wakes in the night, he comes into my bed anytime between midnight & 3am.

Have been reading No cry sleep solution for toddlers and it explains how if you can give him something, eg cuddly toy which he uses to settle himself when nodding off the first time, when he stirs in the night, as we all do, he should be able to get himself back to sleep.

I have also noticed that my DS has got particularly clingy towards me at the moment, so it could be some seperation anxiety kicking in...

somuchforanindiansummer Sun 14-Oct-12 22:54:57

He's actually always been pretty good at getting himself to sleep and I can't remember ever having to help him get to sleep initially. So yes, he can self settle - just seemingly not in the night!

mum23girlys Sun 14-Oct-12 23:03:40

Hi that must be awful for you. You have my sympathies. I can hardly function the next day if any of mine get me up once never mind 6 times.

I know this may sound silly but could he be overtired? My dd3 went through a stage similar to this a few months back. Possibly about 18mths old. Turns out her nap wasn't long enough and was also slightly too late in the day. She now sleeps roughly 12 til 2 and goes to bed at 745pm till 715am and is much better. When she initially went down to 1 nap she wasn't napping long enough and that's what caused the night wakings.

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