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Share your experiences with improving baby's sleep at night.

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Brothy Tue 09-Oct-12 15:36:23

Hi there
My DD is 7.5m old and wakes up a great deal in the second half of the night, at least every couple of hours. Its getting pretty exhausting.
I'm changing her routine, and in particular breaking the bfeeding to sleep association.
She naps well, but is dairy free and has ezcema. For this reason I am not fully nightweaning - I expect that she will need some night feeds for the nutrition, even though my HV says babies after 6m can go through the night.

Early days yet - I'm not seeing much improvement but can get her to go asleep without bfeeding after some grizzling for naps and for night time sleep. Still waking a great deal though at night.

I found lots of useful things on What Worked For Us. Hope this helps. thread.

Is anyone going through the same at the moment? Any useful experiences to share? (I also thought if there was we all could do with the moral support!)
Love to hear from you all

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