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The no movement alarm went off

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SquidgersMummy Mon 08-Oct-12 06:47:26

I have an Angelcare movement monitor (a pad under mattress - parent unit then clicks or flashes with every movement - usually every breath out with dd - if no movement for 20 sec an alarm starts). Anyway, went to bed with dd at 9.30ish - she was really tired - her cot is attached to our bed sidecar fashion so I am alongside her. I thought she was breathing really shallow - couldn't really hear it - DH said you're really tired (hardly any sleep previous night as weekend away at hotel for family do etc) so we went to sleep and at 10.30 the no movement alarm went off - I was awake in a micro second and woke her - she cried then went back asleep - still shallow - I had a meltdown, almost puked on carpet, stayed awake and thankfully 10 mins or so later she stretched and wriggled and went into more normal noisier, wrigglier sleep. Now she does wriggle over to me so it might just be habit that I put her more at the edge than middle of cot (pad under middle) - plus we have the sensitivity set low (so it just picks up her and not us) but is that very deep sleep normal and should I have just tried to wake her more when we went to sleep? 8 wk jabs today - will ask GP. Really frightening.

ajandjjmum Mon 08-Oct-12 06:49:59

We had the same pad thing with the DCs in a separate room.

It went off once with DD when I could see no reason for it. I will always wonder why, as other times we could see that the little one rolled off the pad.

It only happened once, and she's now 19 years old, just giving me her instructions for breakfast, so try not to stress too much! smile

Seriouslysleepdeprived Mon 08-Oct-12 10:02:23

We have an angelcare monitor too. It's gone off a few times in 6 months. Some were definitely when he was small & hadn't taken a breath. They have very irregular breathing patterns in the beginning. If they go into a deep sleep they can forget to breathe.

The good thing is the preceding beep on the monitor wakes them to take a breath most of the time, before it gets to the alarm stage. We've had lots of beep until around 4 months, which is still unnerving.

The other times have been positioning. DS has been at the bottom of the cot & it's struggled to get a reading.

It awful every time. DS had a episode of apnea at 6 weeks which scared the shit out of me. After this I went on a first aid course & feel more confident now that if anything happens I would know what to do. I would really recommend it. St. John's ambulance do them & have helped me relax about it all.

SquidgersMummy Mon 08-Oct-12 12:09:29

Thanks both - and I'll definitely book the st johns course - really good idea.


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