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2yo waking in the night?

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CarpeJugulum Sun 07-Oct-12 20:56:06

DS has just turned 2, and is waking in the night, usually 2-3 times.

He's also refusing to sleep in his cotbed, so is on a mattress on the floor with duvet etc; this I'm less worried about in a "pick my battles" sort of way. We think it's a combination of wanting more space, being a bit scared of falling out, and getting too hot in his cotbed due to the mattress protector (I'll be hunting a breathable protector).

Anyway, he wakes, and half cries/half shouts for us. I go up (bedrooms on different floors) tell him it's still night (minimal speaking for less stimulation) tuck him in, and he goes back to sleep. Repeat a few more times. We did buy a groclock, but this doesn't seem to be working.

Any hints?!

emmyloo2 Mon 08-Oct-12 08:24:11

No idea but we are going through the same thing with our 2 year. He sleeps in his cot bed fine, but we are buying him a proper single bed, but he sometimes cries out between 1-4 times per night. Some nights, not a peep, and then other nights, like last night, he cried out 4 times. He settles back to sleep very easily and will start snoring again in 5 minutes but then will wake an hour later.

I am buying a gro clock for mornings although he is generally quite good and doesn't wake until 6.30-7am. It's just the crying out during the night that's the problem. Could it be teeth?

CarpeJugulum Mon 08-Oct-12 12:29:11

Can't see it being teeth as he generally has "bad" teething episodes so we know when it's that.

When I asked why he was up in the night, he said "cold" so I do wonder if he's getting chilly on the floor. We may have to bite the bullet and persuade him into his cotbed again. He's started napping there so hopefully if we take away the alternative then he might deal with it better.

But god, it's killing me - 4 times last night sad

BettyandDon Mon 08-Oct-12 12:37:06

There have been quite a few threads on this recently which makes me think there is something going on with 2 yr olds atm! My DD is the same.

The floor is a lot more drafty than a bed though so I think it may be cold. When our DD moved to a big bed, she also wasn't great at staying under the covers so we bulked up her pj's, put on thicker ones with vests.

I think it's just a phase though. They have stronger awareness that they are on their own, its dark and mum and dad are next door.

It's helped to let our DD take lots of toys to bed with her (about 6) including one which is practically as big as she is. She is literally surrounded by her toy friends which I think she likes if she wakes up.

Could also be nightmares...We had a spate of those and she was massively distressed. For this reason, I wont do anything like crying it out, I think they need reassurance at this stage (remembers I was scared of the dark till I was about 10!).

allibaba Mon 08-Oct-12 12:56:38

I did wonder if this was a 2yo thing and just a phase!

My DS1 has been doing exactly the same. Some nights he'll sleep through, others he will scream for us 2-3 times. The annoying part being that as soon as you walk into the bedroom he stops and then won't tell you whats wrong (nightmare/teeth/etc).

He shares a room with his little brother (9mo) who fortunately doesn't wake up with the yelling.

I'm going in and reassuring him and saying he has to go back to sleep as its still night time but to be honest I am beginning to feel that saying "Go the F@ck back to SLEEP!!!!", Now I'm back at work again, disturbed nights are taking their toll....

Will they grow out of this??

CarpeJugulum Mon 08-Oct-12 13:08:03

Oh god I hope they grow out of it! shock

Going to move the mattress this afternoon I think. It's a bit of a soft option for us in respect of dealing with him so it's going to happen. DH may not be impressed, but I think DS needs it.

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