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What do you do if it's below 16 degrees?

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SquidgersMummy Fri 28-Sep-12 14:43:39

Our life is slightly complicated in that we have a main home in rural Wales but DH works in city 3 hrs away so we have a second temporary pad - we get back to our house in Wales as many weekends as we can - usually 11/12 on a Thurs night. DD is 8 wks. My baby monitor said the house was too cold last night - 15 - but within hour or so the heating had come through. Just made me wonder about Winter - seems a waste (environment wise) but think we are just going to have to leave heating to come on twice a day this winter - what do people do when it's really cold? No guidelines cover how many sheets etc for below 16 degrees. Has this never happened in the history of childbearing? Last night DD was dressed and in grobag as if was 16 degrees and I just put an extra flannelette sheet folded double tucked over her legs till it warmed up - warmed cot with hot water bottle before she went it. Fortunately her cot is just right up next to me but it's a small double bed here and big fluffy quilt so worried about having her in - what do you do if it's below 16??

Many thanks x

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 14:51:26

short answer - put an extra layer on. We were all raised in a house with no central heating at all - babies wore their vest/nappy, sleepsuit and cardi, then had sheets/blankets added as required - as long as you don't have the baby in a draft then you'll soon be able to judge what is right.

My son used to sleep outside in his push chair wrapped up in a snow suit and blanket even in the winter in the snow. He slept on a sheepskin which helps to regulate temperature.

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