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Toddler Sleep Problems - Advice/Reassurance Please!

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TeuchterInTheCity Thu 27-Oct-11 20:27:06

DD (23 months) has been a nightmare since we put her in a big bed about 6 weeks. Basically I think she's scared now away from the comfort of her cot. So now I sit beside her bed with my hand on her tummy every night until she falls asleep. I had a a vague idea I'd try and move a little further away each night but she becomes hysterical if I even move my hand away sad

So... do I continue this forever, or try some other method, e.g. Supernanny-style 'back to bed'?

Also, she is waking 2/3 times a night, and immediately getting out of bed. She wants to be back in bed so I settle her and sit with her til she's asleep. It IS getting better, and usually she now settles within minutes now. Sometimes not, so I bring her into my bed.

Is it just a phase? If I crack the bedtime thing, will the night wakenings lessen??

Getting up in the night is killing me (DD was one of those babies who slept through from infancy, so it's a shock to the system!). I work p/t and DH works shifts so little time to catch up on sleep. She won't let DH settle her at night, and he can only put her to bed if I'm out, so it's hard.

I guess I just have to get on with it, but I would be so grateful for any tips to improve things. I am so grumpy with the lack of sleep and taking it out on poor DH. I had a good day out with friends, lots of fresh air and a big walk today, and that has certainly helped.

Thanks in advance. Sorry this is long..... hmm

corblimeymadam Fri 28-Oct-11 08:31:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Sat 29-Oct-11 11:34:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1petshortofazoo Sat 29-Oct-11 12:10:14

Ds2 is 22mths, we have just got back from 2 week hols where he slept in same room as ds1 in queen size bed. Since coming home 10 days ago bed time has been a total nightmare, he was in cot but getting so upset was struggling to catch breath and making himself sick so we decided to take sides off. He goes to bed at 7 has story etc gets into bed fine but 2-3 mins later he is out of bed on landing screaming. We put him to bed 100+ time (well it feels like that) super nanny style and has been falling asleep at about 10.30. Last night he woke about 5 times and came into our room, I just ignored him and put him back to bed zombified sad
It has got better I think... But going from a full night sleep since he was 5 weeks to this is defiantly making up for it!
I think the best thing to do is pick a method and stick to it. And persevere grin it will get better (I hope)

TeuchterInTheCity Sat 29-Oct-11 16:31:31

Sorry not been on for a couple of days. Poor you Belgian, it must be even tougher without support from DH, hope things improve soon.

I think consistency is key, it's just so bloody hard when they're screaming their heads off at you! I spoke to a nanny acquaintance who thought we were being far to soft and said we should just keep putting her back in bed. So think I'll try that tonight. Wish me luck, DH is away for the weekend and with the clocks going back it could be a long (or rather, short!) night...

Iggly Sat 29-Oct-11 22:15:49

We had this with DS when he moved to a bed. We stayed with him and he stopped getting out of bed as we'd keep putting him back in (giving a cuddle) but saying very little. He'd also wake at night and come out of bed and be very confused - he'd end up on the arm chair or in his cubbyhole. We just reassured him and put back to bed.

Now when he wakes in the night he either stays in bed until we come in or goes back to sleep. Bedtimes are easier - sometimes he settles quickly after cuddles and a song but he rarely gets out now. I didn't do the moving away thing. Weve got to the stage where we can sometimes leave the room once he's relaxed and drifting off.

I found the night wakings were usually caused by him being cold because he kicked the covers off being hot at the start of the night. Tucking them in didnt help as he'd feel restricted. So I had to tweak his night wear with extra layers and the heating. When we got right he slept through again!

TeuchterInTheCity Sun 30-Oct-11 07:50:06

Well I went for Supernany style back to bed last night -1 hour and she was asleep smile. And the advantage of her going to sleep at 9pm was weren't up at ridiculous o'clock this morning! She was wandering without screaming last night so will keep at returning/reassuring her in the night.


corblimeymadam Sun 30-Oct-11 09:02:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeuchterInTheCity Wed 09-Nov-11 17:23:39

Just a belated update but after a week of 'back to bed' DD has been going to sleep without getting out of bed at all for the last 3 nights! It seems to be having a bit of a knock on effect on night time wakenings too, she's only be getting up once and it's getting later.

There is hope ladies smile

crikeybadger Wed 09-Nov-11 18:12:53

Oh that is good to hear Teuchter- we're having similar problems with DS who has just been moved in to a bed after partial co-sleeping. (thread further down but no one replied <sulks>).

Difficulty for us in trying this method is that DS3 is in with DS2 who desperately needs his sleep for going to school.

harrygracebaxter Sun 19-May-13 09:18:30

Hi All, I know this is an old thread but seems quite relevant to me now so hope someone is still reading it:-/

DD is 28months and is in a proper bed.......for about 3 months now. for the last couple of months she has been a total nightmare waking up anywhere between 2 and 7 times every night. There is absolutely no issues going to sleep, good routine and asleep by 7.30 but then she wakes around 11, no tantrums, just shouts me, i go up, she climbs back in bed, asks for a kiss and cuddle, i leave and she is straight back to sleep. she sometimes asks for more more milk which i dont give, or more juice or she has lost her dummy, which i find etc etc. Then she'll do the same thing an hour or so later and this could repeat at various intervals thru the night.

We initially had a gate at her door but this seemed to cause her to scream so we took it off...she still does the same thing but without the screaming......I just cant work out what, if anything, is wrong and why she wont stay asleep or get herself back to sleep thru the night (she is always awake when i leave the room at bedtime and she gets herself to sleep then).

Im not sure if the stay in bed type techniques are relevant because shes not getting out of bed continuously at one time and actually she has no issues getting back into bed as soon as i go up...? Do i put the gate back on and leave her to scream til she eventually goes back to bed...? Or is it just a phase that will work itself out in time..?

Any comments/suggestions greatfully recieved


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