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Calming soothers for sleep...ideas for after the Dummy Fairy has been.

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jillyrhubarb Wed 12-Oct-11 12:14:51

Hi All

My little boy is 28 months old, the dummy fairy visited on Saturday and replaced all his dummies with a super tractor (which he loves).

He isn't actually asking for his dummies that often. Our big problem now is that he won't go to sleep! He was previously sleeping after lunch too, and with the help of dummy and bear easily went to sleep. Since Saturday he has been running around, singing, shouting, wanting to play....anything but sleeping! Have tried super nanny style put back in bed with out speaking, but continues to get up. Have tried sitting and stroking head, but is just too reved up to sleep. Also trying to wear him out during the day. On Sun eve he was still awake at 10.30pm so for the first time ever I put him in the car and drove and drove - it took 30 miles before he went to sleep!

He has gone from being lively but with calm time, to super hyper-active! Bear still comforts a little but not enough.

Does anyone have any ideas for soothing/comforting etc. We had wondered about a light projector type thing - but am worried he'll just sit there shouting 'look mummy stars!'

All ideas appreciated!
Thank you

childsleepsolutions Sat 15-Oct-11 20:12:28

Hi there. That is really common immediately post dummy. What u are describing sounds like a very over tired child, they can appear wired rather than sleepy! I hope you don't mind me saying but it sounds like you have dipped into methods to solve the issues but haven't given them enough time to work. If you do the rapid return like super nanny does and continued it without giving any interaction after the initial return it will work, it may take a few days but persevere with it. I'm a child sleep consultant and it does always work in the end. You could also intro when carried out correctly. You could also introduce a star/reward chart. Consistency is the key. Good luck, Nicola Watson

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