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Advice on self soothing

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waffles1 Tue 06-Sep-11 18:32:24

My 4 month was a good sleeper but it seems we have hit the famous 4 month sleep regression as he is now waking up every few hours during the night (or maybe teething, or combination of the two), which in turn is making him over tired in the day and is not napping too well either, so all this equals a very grumpy baby and mum!
Any advice for how to help my baby self soothe as I have now resorted to rocking him back to sleep but can't continue to do this every few hours in the night and as a last reort is back in bed with us occasionally so i'm not traipsing between the nurery and our bedroom but don't want to make this a habit, help!!

fififrog Tue 06-Sep-11 20:24:09

Sounds familiar... Mine's now 5.5 months and we've just started sleep training with the help ofa consultant, but essentially the aim has been to get her falling asleep in her cot just sitting on a chair next to the cot while shushing, no picking up, no talking, no eye contact. Progress has been good, but she's also gone through a lot of development recently so maybe she was ready to improve. Also learned to roll from tummy to back finally after months of getting stuck, which has also helped. I'm still feeding her twice in the night but at least not spending half an hour settling her 5 times a night! Couldn't settle her between 4 and 5 last night mind, ended up feeding her when she reached 3hrs from previous feed.

waffles1 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:01:45

Sounds like i need to perserver with sshhing and patting and really try not to pick up! Good luck with your bub, sounds like good progress is being made :-)

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